Arizona Classic Derby 2024 Rules

Accepting Birds February 5th, 2024 through August 5, 2024. 

100-120-140-190-320 mile series in December 2024.

Perch Fees - $100 per bird due September 1st OR $150 after 120 mile Activation Race.

Perch Fees are due for only settled birds - you do not pay for lost birds off the loft.

Entry fees - $325per bird due AFTER the 100 mile Race

Payout 1st drop, then clocking order.
Payout on the Final Race limited to 10% of birds shipped to the Final.
OPTIONAL $500 High Roller Average Speed entry (40/30/20/10 split).
OPTIONAL 400 mile race 10 days after the Final - $150 entry.

Fly your remaining birds as Old Birds 2025 on our tough Federation course free up to 540 miles.

ALL decisions by the OLR manager are Final – by entering the race you agree to this.

Dates, Distances could be adjusted depending on weather, and any other unforeseen situation in the best interest of the birds and safety of all.
Any unpaid bird by due dates will be offered to others – new buyer will obtain ownership.

NO REFUNDS for lost or missing birds.

Official Training Schedule - All tosses above 50 miles published and on Benzing Live. We train between races as well.

2-5-10-15-25-35-50-50-50-50-75-75-75-90 before 1st race.