Arizona Classic Derby 2022

Accepting Birds April  - September 30, 2022

100-120-140-200-320 mile series in March 2023.

Perch Fees - $90 per bird or  ($80 each 8 or more) at working man's prices

Entry fees - $325per bird due AFTER the 200 mile Race

2018 - Minimum 800 miles of training before 1st Race.
2019 - 1265 miles of training before 1st Race, Training between races (13 tosses between the 5 races totaling 650 miles).
Working races across California, Arizona desert conditions.

Typical speeds 1250 - 1500 ypm.

Flown this race course and won ALL accolades.

Payout 1st drop, then clocking order.
Payout on the Final Race limited to 10% of birds shipped to the Final.
OPTIONAL $500 High Roller Average Speed entry (40/30/20/10 split).
OPTIONAL 400 mile race 10 days after the Final - $150 entry.

ALL decisions by the OLR manager are Final – by entering the race you agree to this.
Any unpaid bird by due dates will be offered to others – new buyer will obtain ownership.

NO REFUNDS for lost or missing birds.

·       Payout 1st drop split equally - Trapping order after that.

·       Winnings over 600 require W-9.

·       No auction/buybacks - Breeder pays return shipping of $60 - Additional birds, add $10 each.

·       All birds MUST be activated unless bird is injured or unable to reasonably compete or by mutual agreement.

·       All birds vaccinated on arrival. Birds will receive a booster and pox in August.

·       If a bird does not clock, due to piggyback or clock or chip malfunction, and is verified to be in that drop, it will be placed last in that drop. 

·       1st Drop is defined at the first drop of birds trapping/clocking prior to the arrival of an additional drop of birds.


Contact: Shipping Address: 965 E Desert Lane, Gilbert AZ 85234

Steve Furlonge (480) 215-4255