Arizona Classic Derby 2022

Accepting Birds April  - September 30, 2022

100-120-140-200-320 mile series in March 2023.

Perch Fees - $90 per bird or  ($80 each 8 or more) at working man's prices

Entry fees - $325per bird due AFTER the 200 mile Race

2018 - Minimum 800 miles of training before 1st Race.
2019 - 1265 miles of training before 1st Race, Training between races (13 tosses between the 5 races totaling 650 miles).
Working races across California, Arizona desert conditions.

Typical speeds 1250 - 1500 ypm.

Flown this race course and won ALL accolades.

Payout 1st drop, then clocking order.
Payout on the Final Race limited to 10% of birds shipped to the Final.
OPTIONAL $500 High Roller Average Speed entry (40/30/20/10 split).
OPTIONAL 400 mile race 10 days after the Final - $150 entry.

ALL decisions by the OLR manager are Final – by entering the race you agree to this.

Dates, Distances could be adjusted depending on weather, and any other unforeseen situation in the best interest of the birds and safety of all.
Any unpaid bird by due dates will be offered to others – new buyer will obtain ownership.

NO REFUNDS for lost or missing birds.

·       Payout 1st drop split equally - Trapping order after that.

·       Winnings over 600 require W-9.

·       No auction/buybacks - Breeder pays return shipping of $60 - Additional birds, add $10 each.

·       All birds MUST be activated unless bird is injured or unable to reasonably compete or by mutual agreement.

·       All birds vaccinated on arrival. Birds will receive a booster and pox in August.

·       If a bird does not clock, due to piggyback or clock or chip malfunction, and is verified to be in that drop, it will be placed last in that drop. 

·       1st Drop is defined at the first drop of birds trapping/clocking prior to the arrival of an additional drop of birds.


Contact: Shipping Address: 965 E Desert Lane, Gilbert AZ 85234

Steve Furlonge (480) 215-4255